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Dental Services


The caring providers at Family Medical Dental Center provide preventative services such as thorough dental examinations, radiographs, prophylaxis, and informative oral health instruction.  These services are delivered by a gentle and experienced Registered Dental Hygienist who’s primary goal is to improve the health of your mouth while providing you with a fresh, clean smile. More information.

With a wide range of specialists, they offer many restorative services to include crowns, bridges, implant surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, composite and amalgam restorations. Please call for more information.

Oral Surgery
Oral surgery is the surgical treatment of diseases, defects or injuries of the oral cavity and facial structures. Exodontics or commonly known as the extraction of teeth, is used when the following indications for oral surgery are present:

  • Third molar (wisdom teeth) removal
  • Non-Restorable carious teeth
  • Non-Vital teeth from which endodontic treatment would have no effect
  • Lack of bone support to maintain secure retention for teeth
  • Teeth removal to provide space in the arch for orthodontic treatment

Dental Anesthesia
The focus of the providers is to eliminate undue stress created by the negative thought processes associated with visiting a dental office. The office provides several options for reducing anxiety and discomfort at a level determined by you, the patient. More information.

The providers at Healthcare America offer implant solutions for patients who are seeking to replace missing teeth with a solution that is aesthetically pleasing while replicating the function of natural teeth. Dental implants provide support for a fixed or removable prosthesis by serving as a foundation placed within the tissue of the maxilla or mandible. Two types of prosthesis are available, removable and fixed. For more information schedule an appointment to see our implant specialist and he can assist you in the process of determining if implants are right for you.

Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry that involves the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supportive structures of the teeth. The primary focus of this field is the treatment of periodontal disease of which is caused by the accumulation of bacteria thus affecting the periodontium. Without treatment and regular periodontal maintenance, periodontal disease can lead to bone loss, degenerative changes in the gingiva, exposure of the root, and ultimately increase the susceptibility to acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG).

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Generally, by the age of 18, the average adult has 32 teeth.  The teeth in the front are known as the incisors, canine, and bicuspid teeth.  These teeth grasp and bite the food into smaller pieces.  The teeth in the back are known as the molar teeth and they are used to grind food up for swallowing.

The average mouth holds 28 teeth comfortably.  It can be painful to try to fit 32 teeth in a mouth that should hold 28 teeth.  The four extra teeth are known as your third molars, or “wisdom teeth.”

When wisdom teeth have enough room to come in to align properly, they do not have to be removed.  Extracting the wisdom teeth is necessary when they cannot properly erupt.  Many times wisdom teeth grow in sideways, they partially erupt, or they may even remain trapped beneath the gum and bone.  When they partially erupt, the opening around the teeth allows bacteria to grow and could cause an infection.  The pressure from the wisdom tooth trying to find its way out could also move other teeth and cause problems with the natural alignment of teeth.  Removal of the wisdom teeth usually resolves these problems.

The independent practitioners at Family Medical Dental Center offer IV Sedation, oral sedation, or nitrous oxide for your comfort with wisdom teeth extractions.

Medical Services

MedicalFamily Medicine

Family Medical Dental Center is excited to offer medical services for your family as well. We know that keeping your family happy and healthy in all ways is important. We are proud to say that our medical services also have a variety of languages that are spoken: Spanish, English and Filipino. We are currently accepting new medicare and medicaid patients. Children are always welcome.

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